11:11 means you can heal completely as a Soul
Dear 11:11 Friend,

Happy New Moon and Chinese New Year for this week.
To help you to make the most of the positive shifts, here's
your weekly forecast on Facebook (54min), YouTube and Instagram. EFT expert Jane Sleight-Leach and I discuss healing from domestic violence, her life path turning points as a 38/11 life path (at 38 she had a breakup, at 11 her house burned down - today was the anniversary) and recovering from crises. Find your life path

Giveaway! Comment on the one of the social media videos above with Jane's childhood house number (hint: it's between 1-100) for a chance to win a tapping healing session (worth $120) or one of my 2021 forecast webinars (worth $66). Competition closes 12 Feb at 12pm AEDT. No email entries please. Max. 3 guesses per person.

Join Kris and I from 6.15pm AEST Thurs 18 Feb for our next forecast and possibly, baby Ziggy (he's getting close now). More guests tbc soon.

This is a fantastic week for manifestation. Check out Crystal Healing for 11:11 Starseeds, on sale until 13 March. This webinar includes a sound healing and live demos. Crystals can be millions of years old and have a 'life force' of their own. Once you start making grids, you'll experience rapid spiritual growth.

In this class, we teach you about crystals for energy protection, intuition, prosperity and more. Use code 1111Starseeds to download the class now for $88 (usually $99). Patreon members receive it for $77, along with other perks, including regular video mentoring.

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A heads up that it's Mercury retrograde and an Aquarian Stellium - a time for healing, rest and reality checks. Release your fears by booking a Tarot and numerology reading with Kris. You can also join my waitlist or see one of our colleagues.

With best wishes,
Sarah, Kris and the 11:11 Angels

P.S Please note, baby Ziggy could arrive anytime. So I may be slow on emails.
P.P.S The $66 sale price for Your 2021 Numerology Forecast webinar has been extended due to demand. Use coupon code 1111TRUTH. Happy healing xx

Sarah Yip, Numerology, Palmistry and 11:11 Psychic from the Gold Coast, Australia

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