11:11 represents double peace signs from above
Dear 11:11 Friend,

Happy Earth Day for yesterday! Earth is an anagram of Heart. When we protect one, we open the other. There's no better prevention for depression than time outdoors, fresh food and the company of loving companions, be they human, animal, plant or Spirit.

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We discuss sexuality, 'dirtiness', and why, in this year of throat chakra healing, a stiff neck or sore throat may be a sign you’re looking down too much – at your phone, ideas, even other people’s initiative.

Are you concealing your ideas instead of encouraging them to run and play? If so, i
t's time to find community again. Why not join my Patreon and come out of spiritual hiding?

We have a call tomorrow (24 April) to discuss spiritual money and fundraising and a Gold Coast catch up coming soon. You can join from AUD5/ USD 7 a month, which includes many gifts and discounts. The subscription is taken on sign up, then the 1st.

Want direction for April/ May? Book a reading with Kris or join my waitlist (bookings open soon - Patreon members have first pick). Thank you for your wonderful support.

With best wishes,
Sarah, Kris, Ziggy and the 11:11 Angels

P.S. Special offer. Use the code LIGHTSMITH for 50% off my Change for Good - Spiritual Money webinar (normally $99). First 31 buyers only. This is in honour of my late friend, Stephanie Sinclaire-Lightsmith (see this post on drowning and mental health). She inspired me to write this class on healing from financial/ domestic violence, which has received the most incredible feedback out of all 50+ workshops I have ever taught.

“Within five days of watching the class, my house sold after only one open house with a cash offer $20k higher than than I expected. I received an unexpected 3% payrise, won $100 in a competition, received 10 instant scratchies, a brand new Christmas tree and received $60 in Woolworths vouchers! I highly recommend this course!” Sian

“Awesome class – the whole week has been a turn around after a very drossy couple of months…your facilitating (did that). Before this call I felt like a pauper – at the end of it I felt like a king-pin. I liked the way it took a scary subject and unpacked its history, origin and true purpose…stripping back all the intimidation. I’ve worked with a lot of practitioners over the years and you have something different…you seem to be a true healer. Thank you.” Nick, top media consultant

“The class was amazing and really worked. Today (48 hours after the call), I registered a new business name, set up the logo, a temporary website and confirmed my first client on a weekly retainer. First time in nearly 10 years. I also met with two excellent coaches. I’m SO pumped. Thank you.” Danielle, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, UNSW Engineering.

Buy Change for Good now (use LIGHTSMITH for 50% off)

P.P.S. Next issue, I'll be focusing on how to prevent domestic violence (and announcing events to raise money for related causes, including the children of Kelly Wilkinson. She was a relative of one of my dearest clients.)

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