11:11 means you are not alone, we are all one
Dear 11:11 Friend,

Welcome to June, a Master 11/2 Month of Spiritual Partnerships - see the blog. I've recorded an extended video forecast on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram for you.

This is my first-ever monthly video forecast. If you enjoy it, please comment 1111 via the social media links. I discuss: the 5 Universal Year, why Master 11/2 life paths and 11:11 See'rs are 'on fire' now, the Melbourne lockdowns, why parents need to meditate ('the reason you can't is the reason you must') and how whistle-blowers need a tribe.

Want direction and confidence? Book a 360 degree reading with me and Kris. Around your birthday is ideal, as that's when you change personal years.

Alternatively, you can see Kris for Tarot or book with me from August.
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Latest Blogs
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Ziggy: Modelling shoot plus his dramatic birth story (which I can finally share with you) Within minutes of me posting it at 9.11am, Ziggy laughed at me for the first time.

Book review: Brave New Humans – The Dirty Reality of Donor Conception

Numerology: Business Basics Grant and seeing 55's (wish me luck)

Self-help: I didn't 'fall' in love, I claimed my Soulmate relationship (Tip: To celebrate our first birthday, I just uploaded a 1.5hr relationships numerology talk to Patreon. Now is the best week to join us @ AUD27.5/ month. We have lots of 11 life paths in the group!)

Thanks for all your support. I hope you find comfort in my words above.

With best wishes,
Sarah, Kris, Ziggy and the 11:11 Angels
Sarah Yip, Numerology, Palmistry and 11:11 Psychic from the Gold Coast, Australia

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