11:11 means you are opening to new dimensions
Dear 11:11 Friend,

Happy Easter! April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month of Conclusions in a 5 Universal Year of Truth and Freedom. This inspires unexpected happy endings, rewards and adventure (9 is the Hermit in Tarot – a wizard searching). Be the kinder person this month and May will bring blessed beginnings. Everything you want is on the other side of forgiveness. Stop waiting for a sorry that may never come! Read more on April's numerology

Your Weekly Forecast Kris and I are back. Watch your forecast now on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The first 22 mins include Ziggy's birth story (and video debut), the next 15 mins cover Tarot and current energy tips. It's time for past life healers to come together - don't let the authorities drive you into hiding. Technology can be a friend.

See my Patreon group for our supportive community (now is the best time to join as the subscription is taken when you sign up, then on the 1st). We have a call tomorrow to discuss meditation & life paths. Gold Coast catch up coming soon. From AUD15/ USD 11 a month, includes many gifts and discounts.

Latest Blogs
Ziggy posts: His birth story in numbers, 11:11 past life healing, trip to the beach, 1 month photos, and my sacrifices to become a triple son goddess. Plus a mass 11:11 and repeating numbers sighting and a numerology look at acupuncture.

Also: How I stopped Nigerian scammers on Facebook, reflections on my psychic journey, Tribe of the Tree essences and a reading for Gloria Estefan (her son loved this post about her 32/5 life path. At age 32, she was in a bus crash that broke her back - her recovery was inspirational.)

Want direction for April? Book a Tarot and numerology reading with Kris. He's absolutely passionate about helping you find your path again. You can also join my waitlist or see our colleagues.

With best wishes,
Sarah, Kris, Ziggy and the 11:11 Angels

P.S. Prefer home study? I have classes you can watch to kickstart your spiritual recovery and boost your money confidence after setbacks like relationship breakups/ trauma.

Sarah Yip, Numerology, Palmistry and 11:11 Psychic from the Gold Coast, Australia

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